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Hit it off

I was told to try the Sugar and Spice Free Dating website by my friends at work, because they thought I needed to get on with my life. At first, I thought they were joking, but then they sat me down at a computer and helped me build a profile and find my match online. When you get to your mid 40s you do not think you will find love ONLINE and the whole process can be quite scary. But through Sugar and Spice dating I managed to find Rob. He was twice divorced, so I was surprised he gave love another shot.

While getting to know each other I found that he was a loving, caring and considerate man, with an excellent knowledge for cooking. It wasn’t long before I didn’t want to let him go! My advice? If you find a man that cooks, don’t let him go!

We are now married and very happy.

Thanks to Sugar and Spice free dating, we are now enjoying a wonderful life together.

Puppy love

Shayla and I met through Sugar and Spice a few years back. It was around Christmas and she was living on the outskirts of the city. We decided to meet in the middle for a coffee. When I reached the cafe a small brown and black springer spaniel was sitting next to the beautiful woman I recognised from her profile. The thought of it made me chuckle because the dog was constantly keeping an eye on me throughout our coffee morning and it made me feel a bit like a teenager again. During our date Shayla and I found we hadso muchin common, both have an affinity for sports and shared ethical values. We connected really well. By the end of the night even the dog Charlie (the guardian dog), became friendlier.

So now we have been together for three years and plan on getting married, get a house and fill it with lots ofcute puppies.

Thank you Sugar and Spice!
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